Fresh Perspectives on Influence and Innovation

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24 February 2021

09:35 AM

The year 2020 is rapidly fading into our collective past.  But the events of the last twelve months are still very much with us and will continue to define an entire generation. The seismic shifts that have reformulated the fabric of our culture and society will impact our leaders’ approach to influence — and innovation — for years to come. At MSL, we believe leadership comes from all levels. That’s why we are yielding the floor at the PRovoke Summit North America to our industry’s future.

MSL U.S. CEO Diana Littman will introduce a panel of rising stars to discuss innovation in their own words, speak to the comms and social tech trends they’re watching, share their predictions for the next few years and more.

We owe it to them listen, learn and open our minds – they are shaping the future of our industry and, ultimately, the world we all live in.

Moderator and Speakers