Robots Won’t Take Your Job… But A.I. Can Now Help You Perfect Your Pitch

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24 February 2021

10:45 AM

Imagine if you could use artificial intelligence (A.I.) to accurately predict the likelihood of landing a media placement before you pitched it? Join Aaron Kwittken, chairman of KWT Global, Forbes and DRUM contributor, host of podcast Brand on Purpose, and founder and CEO of PRophet -- the first-ever A.I.-driven platform for the PR community to help predict media interest, sentiment and spread before a story is pitched – along with IBM VP of Corporate Communications Sarah Bruning Meron, and renowned author and New Yorker contributor John Seabrook, for a lively and provocative discussion exploring the role of A.I. in the modernization of media relations and media relationships. Will these relationships be replaced by robots? Probably not, but in an industry rooted in interpersonal relationships and strategic storytelling, human connections are being redefined –  even if not entirely obsolete – as the PR discipline evolves to keep pace with its peers using a full martech stack to improve performance. A.I. will soon be essential to predicting how best to pitch the right story to the right reporter at the right time. 

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