The Risk in Doing the Right Thing. How to Lead With Purpose During an Era of Social Disruption

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20 October 2020

11:45 AM

The role and importance of purpose has taken on a whole new meaning for enterprises as images of racial injustice, a global pandemic and divisive politics flood our newsfeeds. And while organizations recognize the societal and financial benefits of doing good, the overwhelming business risks and reaction from publicly talking about, or avoiding, these issues has created a challenging landscape for communications professionals to navigate. During this “fireside chat,” Rishad Tobaccowala, senior advisor to Publicis and author of “Restoring the Soul of Business: Staying Human in the Age of Data” and Adam Hildreth, Founder and CEO of Crisp, the leading provider of early-warning risk intelligence, will discuss the tough decisions communications leaders are having to make as they wrestle with the role of purpose in today’s socially-charged environment and the early-warning advantage they need to stay ahead of the risks that spread and scale online at lightning speed.

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