Creating Value: A Response to COVID-19

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21 October 2020

08:30 AM

A 45 minute session and discussion between Executive Vice President, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Pfizer Inc. Sally Susman and Global Chairman and CEO, Hill+Knowlton Strategies AnnaMaria DeSalva addressing the intensive biomedical research effort to solve the COVID pandemic,  and how communications and corporate affairs leaders will help restore and build value.

  1. The role Biopharma is playing – and will continue to play – in the recovery, and importantly how this role can change the industry’s reputation
  2. Given the vast social contract, how corporate affairs leaders play a principal role in value creation – now more than ever
  3. What agencies and consultants will need to bring to the table in a post-pandemic world
  4. How to thrive in today’s context and conditions

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