Why has Global Become a Dirty Word? Communicating Innovation & Goodwill in Today's Complex Landscape

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20 October 2020

11:15 AM

At the height of the digital revolution, the United States is at a crossroads both politically and economically, and the technology sector is at the center of many of today’s most pressing issues, many of which know no bounds or partisanship. Exasperated by a global pandemic and without a clear-cut federal technology policy in place, organizations of all sizes, and their communications officers and agencies, are scrambling to navigate a number of complex international issues, ranging from whether (or not) to:
  1. Align with often vague U.S. technology strategy that can potentially stifle innovation and hinder good global brand citizenship for both domestic and international tech companies alike 
  2. Conduct business amid global ban restrictions (or the threat of them) that are constantly changing
  3. Embrace the challenge of enlisting, and potentially losing, a global tech talent pool
  4. Address negativity and rhetoric head on, or bypass for other topics 
  How do we ensure global tech brands are here to stay and that innovation continues to thrive worldwide? As the U.S. embarks on our next presidential election, the answers likely won’t come easy as the issues are bipartisan, and neither side of the aisle appears to have clear-cut technology vision and policies in place. While making global technology decisions in this environment can be tough, communicating the decisions can be even tougher.

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