How Crisis Culture Is Changing Workforce Priorities -- Possibly Forever

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20 October 2020

10:15 AM

Employees in every industry have seen their lives upended by the COVID-19 crisis, and recent flashpoint events have highlighted systemic racism in the U.S. This crisis culture is driving a radical shift in workforce expectations and values, prompting employees to dramatically reevaluate longstanding professional priorities. With the pressures of remote working, lack of childcare, increasing mental health concerns, job insecurity and occupational health risks bearing down on the workforce, how can companies adapt to the evolving needs of its most critical stakeholder?

Join Ketchum’s Tamara Norman, partner and managing director, Employee Communications & Engagement, where she will discuss this and other pressing questions with a distinguished panel of communications leaders.

The panel will address findings from Ketchum's Work Shift 2020 study and topics like:

  • What matters to workers today, both personally and professionally
  • How companies are shifting their employee engagement and communications programs to address the challenges of 2020
  • The four distinct personas making up today’s workforce and the ways to engage them
  • The difference in reaching and engaging office vs. non-office workers
  • How many of today's changes may permanently shape the workplace of the future

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