Back To The Office? Not So Fast..

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25 October 2021

09:00 AM

People costs account for more than half of almost any agency’s revenue. During the pandemic, evet agency learned how to deliver services with its people working remotely. Now, agency leaders face possibly the biggest choice they will make for many years: work from home? Return to the office? Or adopt a hybrid system?

Julian Boulding, Founder of thenetworkone, will share new research from 170 agencies worldwide, on what is actually happening in offices around the world; and provide a digest of academic and other learnings on best practices, past and present.

Then, a panel of independent PR agency owners and CEO’s from Canada, USA, UK and Germany will share their individual experiences of the different ways of working they have now adopted, with practical applications which every PR agency professional can learn from. 

Moderator and Speakers

25 Oct 2021

26 Oct 2021

27 Oct 2021