Navigating Tech’s Reputational Chasm Between the Love for Products and the Growing Concern About Business Practices

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27 October 2021

10:15 AM

While technology was pivotal during the COVID lockdown for commerce, education, healthcare, personal connections and more, the reputation of tech companies did not see a boost. Findings from Ketchum’s soon to be released 2021 Social Permission and Technology Study shows that in fact there is a reputational chasm between positive attitudes toward technology and a growing skepticism of technology companies’ business practices. And now, with heightened media attention on the impact technology has on mental health, there are even more serious issues companies must address to protect their reputation while being responsible corporate citizens. In this session, Ketchum’s Managing Director of Technology, Lisa Sullivan will discuss with a panel of experts how communicators should navigate this pivotal moment for the tech sector and all who use technology as part of their business strategies.

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