Data and Decision-Making: Keys to Effective Crisis Management

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27 October 2021

09:30 AM

Though the concept of using data to guide communications strategy is not new, our ability to mine the right data—and to do so in real time—is. A crisis can unfold in the time it takes to click “re-tweet,” which is why the most valuable data sources to a PR professional are those that can gather and deliver intelligence as quickly as possible. Thanks to a number of new data solutions in the market today, we are now able to see things like the rate at which a negative story is traveling or whether a statistically significant proportion of consumers is aware of the problem impacting your client. But can having this intelligence really help you manage a crisis more effectively? What experience, expertise and resources do you need to turn data insights into effective crisis management decisions? Join leading data and PR experts as they discuss the opportunities for and limits of data as it applies to crisis management.

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