Born Creatives

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24 June 2021

05:10 PM

PRovoke Media
We are now in the era of born PR creatives: not communications professionals who have chosen to become creative specialists as they rise through the agency ranks, or senior ECDs poached from ad agency creative backgrounds, but people entering the industry as PR creative specialists.

But are born creative specialists in PR a good thing? Is experience of dealing directly with journalists and managing accounts in the early years of your career still a requisite for knowing which ideas will fly? Or does the changing landscape of communications – the dominance of social and digital and the blurring between paid, owned and earned – mean that kind of traditional agency grounding is no longer so important? Could having a whole new discipline within PR from the start even help solve PR’s diversity problem by attracting a broader range of more young people into the industry?

And as the new generation of PR creatives beds in, who owns creativity in agencies, now? Can you or should you create a creative culture throughout an agency, or do you need a dedicated ECD and creative department to lead on creativity?

Moderator and Speakers

24 Jun 2021