PR: Stop telling and start selling

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24 June 2021

04:35 PM

People don't ask to be made aware, informed or educated when it comes to a company's products or services. Metrics such as 'awareness', 'education', and 'reputation' are outcomes that matter to you - the business- but are inconsequential to engaging with someone on a day-to-day basis. With so much attention deficit across our society, people navigate their time by focusing on WIIFM. They want to know how their life can be enhanced; made simpler, easier, happier.

During this panel, we discuss how PR needs to shift its focus from broadcasting rational bits of information to selling moments of meaningful benefit. We'll focus on how PR can become an ally of sales and marketing, and how creativity can be harnessed within PR to deliver powerful and persuasive stories that change people's behaviours. The panel will explore why it's time to rise up and redefine the category and put an end to PR that serves nobody but itself.

Moderator and Speakers

24 Jun 2021