Re-writing the Retail Rules

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24 June 2021

04:00 PM

The retail sector has been experiencing a blurring between the realms of the physical + digital worlds accelerated by the recent COVID-19-driven consumer demand during lockdowns, as well as new technologies. In parallel – customers are increasingly expecting personalized shopping experiences to be seamlessly integrated into their everyday lives. So what does it take to build brand preference for retailers at a time when everything is just one anonymous click away? As data plays a more active role in online retail experiences, how can communications build confidence in secure transactions? And how can retailers best communicate inclusivity to be welcoming to all shoppers?

Join Lucy Reynolds, Director of Communications, CSR and Sustainability, Boots and Emily Mekstan, Director of Retail & Merchandising Communications, Walgreens, for a discussion with Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ Executive Vice President, Avra Lorrimer on how retail has evolved over the past few years - what will revert, what is forever changed and how creative can help bring shoppers back to the main street/high street post-pandemic.

Moderator and Speakers

24 Jun 2021