Creativity for the uncool - making waves in a traditional industry

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24 June 2021

11:30 AM

Creativity is what makes new brands stand out, and what makes heritage brands retain their edge. Whether that’s the creative hustle of early stage companies, or creative campaigns from the big brands at the top (Dove, Nike, Adidas, come to mind), many have proven that creativity remains the path to success, regardless of your industry. 

So, as a marketer in a traditional or mature industry - i.e. insurance, law, or agriculture - who wants to make a splash but understands the nuances of product, stakeholder and brand marketing, how do you exercise creativity within the container of your field? Does Lorne Michaels’ statement hold true, is creativity best exercised with boundaries? 

We speak to communications experts who've been on countless journeys with rebels and titans, to learn why it’s vital to drive creativity to win in a traditional industry - and how it can be done. 

If you are a marketing leader or growth expert, passionate about harnessing the power of PR to build awareness and win the hearts and minds of your customers, this is a must attend.

Moderator and Speakers

24 Jun 2021