Masahiro Makiguchi

Dentsu Public Relations Inc.: President & CEO

Masahiro Makiguchi joined the Board of Directors at Dentsu Public Relations Inc. as a Managing Director in January 2020 and was named company President in March of the same year.

His experience includes three decades at sister agency (then parent company) Dentsu Inc., where he headed various key departments, including the Marketing Division. Most recently he served as Managing Director of the Corporate Communications Division.

During his time at Dentsu, Masahiro led the team that worked with Tokyo Gakugei University to launch the “Advertising Elementary School” program, a company CSR project designed to foster communication skills among children. The program has been adopted in a growing number of schools as educators increasingly recognize the importance of developing children’s skills in areas such as creative thinking and decision-making.

Masahiro is a co-translator of the books Truth, Lies, and Advertising: The Art of Account Planning by Jon Steel and Open Minds by Andy Law.
He holds a degree in law from the University of Tokyo.