Kylie Park

Amgen: Director, Corporate Affairs & Advocacy Relations, JAPAC

Kylie Park is the Head of Corporate Affairs for Amgen in the Asia Pacific where she leads Amgen’s communications and advocacy strategy. Kylie is focused on ensuring that 

Amgen delivers on its mission to serve patients through the establishment of successful multi-stakeholder collaborations to improve individual patient, and health system outcomes.

Throughout her 25+ year career in public affairs, Kylie has been a television reporter, political media advisor, communications and public affairs leader in both the NGO and MNC sectors.

Prior to joining Amgen in 2018, Kylie managed her own consultancy where she provided strategic counsel to Pfizer, Novartis, Abbott and Amgen in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts - Journalism from Charles Sturt University and a Master of International Studies from the University of Sydney. 

Kylie lives in Hong Kong with her husband and three children.