How Behavioral Science can Help Global Brands Optimize Cultural Nuances for Local Campaign Success

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15 September 2021

02:20 PM

Behavioural science helps us better understand human behavior and, more specifically, how people make decisions. When applied to the art of communications, it has the power to deliver campaigns that truly understand and positively influence people on business and public interest issues. Culture is a significant driver of consumer behavior, with social norms often guiding audiences to automatic, instinctive actions. While communications strategies often consider local market insights, leveraging these specific cultural habits through behavioural interventions and triggers can play a significant role in the long-term success of a campaign. By implementing targeted but globally applicable processes – message testing, optimized timings, and the most appropriate messengers – behavioural science can help optimize cultural nuances and shape powerful messaging that drive change in local consumer behaviours.

Join Julian Buckeridge, Head of SMARTER at Hill+Knowlton Strategies Thailand, and Jules Norton Selzer, Corporate Relations Director for Diageo Moët Hennessy Thailand, as they explore how behavioural interventions can be used to help global brands optimize cultural insights to drive effective local market campaigns. Drawing on theory and best practice, this session will look at how different cultural preferences, beliefs and priorities can affect the impact of brand messaging, and how smarter initiatives are helping educate and influence consumer behaviours.

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